Scoop Dogg

Winter outdoor enthusiasts meet your new best friend - the Scoop Dogg snow shovel. Diggin' snow will never be the same.

When you need to move snow quickly because your buddy is buried, you want to make a snow cave for an overnite bivouac or you're digging out your car we designed Scoop Doog to make snow fly like a mad dog digging.  The patent pending Scoop Dogg fits in your backpack and has a blade bigger than any avy shovel on the market today. The Scoop Dogg development team spent several years trying different designs that would be lightweighter weight, more durable, easier to use and outperform every shovel on the market today. 

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We made Scoop Dogg to move snow quickly and ergonomically. Take a look at the videos to see why you need a Scoop Dogg in your pack, in your car or on your snowmobile.  Scoop Dogg makes a normal snow shovel feel like a soup spoon.


As we get user feedback videos we will post them here.  To the left is some feedback on the trails of Winter Park, CO.  Yes, we know he's not wearing gloves as it was the end of the ski day, around 32F and very sunny so we were all warm.  

The litter of Scoop Doggs

A new video will be here shortly.